Most of the time, she’s an explorer of consciousness and the human experience. Sometimes she’s a dancer; sometimes she’s a cat.

She started drawing Dharma Comics in 2010 when she found that words weren’t enough, and has since discovered she’s something of an artist.

A Colorado native, she now lives, loves and laughs in San Francisco.

dharma comics

“Dharma is a Sanskrit word,with a few translations. One translation is truth—but rather than an objective truth, it’s the truth inside each of us, our personal compass, guide, or sense of knowing. Dharma Comics aren’t usually funny in the traditional sense, but they’re often funny in the funny-because-they’re-true sense.

Another translation of dharma is “nature”—our individual nature or that which we were born to be and do. An example is the acorn, whose dharma is to grow into an oak tree, but the specific one it eventually becomes. In this sense, the name Dharma Comics refers my own quest to fulfill my nature, which is, at present, someone who draws comics.”


  • Integrity. We value honoring creativity through candor, honesty and kindness.
  • Cleverness. We value representing the human experience with a degree of humor and sagacity that often lies just below the surface of emotion.
  • Sustainability.We value the Earth and its finite resources; we believe in creativity that nourishes our planet. We value the systems of which we are a part; we choose solutions that benefit the whole.
  • Humanity. We value humanity in all its chaos and harmony, celebrating perceived successes and flaws with equal adoration.
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