The 15 Commitments

by Leah on January 15, 2015

Today is the Launch of a book called The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. And I’m writing this post to suggest that if the title speaks to you: BUY IT.

You may like it because it’s illustrated by Dharma Comics,  But there’s a better reason…

… The material in this book CHANGES LIVES. (It changed mine.) 

The authors of this book have been my  mentors and guides and dear friends over the last three years.  Their teachings are responsible for so much of the work I’ve published during this time.

I’m a better person along every axis I could have hoped for for myself, thanks to these folks. So the very least I can do, is say THANK YOU. And then to pay forward all they’ve done for me, by letting you know about them.

A final note:  The more copies that are bought today JANUARY 15th, the better their shot at success. So, if you’re considering buying the book for yourself or someone else, just go for it. :-) 

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Dharma Comics Goes to the Movies

by Leah on December 9, 2014






Dear Friends,

First of all, I want thank-you-thank-you-thank-you for your ongoing support of Dharma Comics. And by support, I simply mean that every time you read a new comic, you’re giving us both (you and me) the gift of being connected to each other. Oh, aaaannd when you choose to share them with someone, you’re connecting with that person to, which makes me giddy.


Second, if you’re looking for gifts right about now, I’ve been told the Dharma Comics book makes a good one.


And finally, I want to give a shout out to three beautiful artists in Europe making the first Dharma Comics Animated Short. They are doing a small fundraising campaign (with prizes!) to help finish the project. I wanted to let you all know in case you enjoy the first verse, and felt called to support them.

after i saw you







Have a beautiful wonderful messy crazy present distracted honest (im)perfect day.




There Are No Words In the Temple

September 4, 2013

There are no words in the temple. There’s no talking, no planning, no making excuses No waiting, no stalling, no dodging the muses. No right and no wrong, no late and no due. No time no division no me without you. There are no words in the temple. There ARE no words. There’s movement and […]

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One Guide to Getting unLost

August 24, 2013

Last night, I had dinner with my friends Vlada and Michal.   And, before I go on, some context: periodically, I get lost. CRAZY LOST. In my head, it sounds like this. “What am I DOING with my life? Where am I going? How did I ever think I was on the right track? I […]

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August 19, 2013

There is a modern damsel-in-distress Trapped in castles of her own keeping A blushing bride trying to hide behind her pride but deep inside resides a powerful force straight from The Source A well of sexual swell hotter than hell A twisted sister wrapped and bound wound around her own core which she’s learned to […]

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Happy Summer News Letter Time!

July 16, 2013

Hi friends!How are you? Enjoying sunny summertime? We have been playing the long days away and dreaming up the future of Dharma Comics. In March, Leah took a month to retreat at Heavenly in Tahoe. She was able to rest and regroup from Wisdom 2.0 and began a couple of illustration projects. (Stay tuned for […]

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“May All Beings Be Happy”

July 1, 2013

Last month I traveled to Japan to join with thousands of like-hearted people at the base of Mt Fuji, to pray for “Peace On Earth.”   The event brought together leaders from several different faiths to lead us in prayers from many religions, and ended with a flag ceremony in which we prayed for peace […]

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Dads in Heaven

April 15, 2013

I imagine a special spot in heaven For the dads. It looks like the bleachers at a little league game. But way up in the clouds. Each dad has on the jersey With his kid’s name, A picture in his wallet. Each dad is smiling With ruddy cheeks And glowing skin. They’ll shout “That’s my […]

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Happy Spring

March 28, 2013

(want to receive updates like this in your inbox? sign up for emails by clicking on the subscribe cloud above.)↑ Hi friends!  Welcome to our first ever Dharma Comics newsletter! Go ahead and sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show. “Mmmm…extra butter, please.” We’ve been busy bees for the last several months. […]

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Drawing on Love: A talk by Leah

March 5, 2013

Dear Friends! Last week at the Wisdom 2.0 conference, my dear friend Soren gave me the privilege of speaking about my most recent personal journey through love, life, learing, and art. This 15 minute talk sums up the essence of about three years of life’s work. Thank you to all of you who have been […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2013
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The Arrival.

February 11, 2013

The dragon lays down to rest, her feet curl in. A snake emerges , grounded, flowing. Easy-does-it. Shedding a layer, shedding a skin. Hello snake, are you awake? It’s time to go home. It’s time, to go in. The plates are rumbling beneath my feet. Something is shifting. I want to go home, I hear […]

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Enough :-)

January 11, 2013

Do you know you’re enough? That you’re made of the stuff Of the stars And the Czars And the moons around Mars? Can you feel your body Is all that you need? From the curve of your brow To the bend in your knee? From the tip of your nose To the space between toes […]

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Work with what you got.

January 8, 2013

This past weekend, my mom and I took a meaning-of-life class disguised as a clay-sculpturing workshop. The teacher, Caroline Douglas is a BEATUFIUL student of the human condition, and expresses it through her art and teaching.  It’s rare I come into contact with Genius and Love like hers, both are still reverberating through my cells. […]

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December 31, 2012

Sometimes I have something to say. But I’m afraid if I do, something will break. Like my truth is made of nails and snakes, Sharpened knives and shattered glass, Licked with flames and doused in gas. I hold my thoughts like jagged claws Trapped, behind clenched jaws Fierce, like a tiger’s incisors bared Deathly scared […]

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dream. plan. do

December 18, 2012

For nearly three years now, I’ve been drawing Dharma Comics as a way to understand and express my personal journey of living, learning, and loving. The first thing I want to say is thank you… for all your support along the way; both your encouragement of a budding artist, as well as your love and […]

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October 30, 2012

I’m still falling through your abyss, I still hear your words, I still feel your kiss. I’m still losing layers, still shedding skin, I’m skill breaking open, still caving in. I’m still letting go, still coming apart, still tearing down walls protecting my heart. I still feel your arms like blankets of sand, I still […]

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Faking a Rainbow

October 22, 2012

Have you tried listening with your elbow When you don’t like the song? Tried spinning in circles When you can’t get along? When you have a bad day Try stomping and say “Everything’s crap!” Then go take a nap With your head nestled in Your favorite friend’s lap. Have you tried singing in thirds When […]

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The Woman I Am

October 3, 2012

I am the woman who moves like the curves of the wind I am the woman who speaks the words you’ve been waiting to hear I am the woman who breathes in your scent and our your name I am the woman whose heart beats like pounding feet like clapping hands like the druming of […]

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Learning to Love

August 24, 2012

There’s one in you who’s sweet. There’s one in you who’s mean. Can you love them both? Can you let them both be seen?   Can you love the one who tries? And love her when she fails? Can you love the one who lies? And love the one who wails?     Can you […]

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Love Letter.

August 3, 2012

I want the man who writes me love letters, And songs, whether or not he knows how. This is the man who drives all night to see me. Because he is the man who sees me Better than I see myself. When I forget who I am, this man is there, lovingly, patiently, reminding me. […]

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Cry Of the Devoted

July 26, 2012

I want to serve you. I want to support you. I want to know you, the real you. I want to know your strongest most satisfied humble vulnerable peaceful passionate poetic powerful self. I do not want to be your purpose; I want to be in such service of your purpose that you keep me […]

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When it Hurts

July 22, 2012

Do not let me blame you. It’s not about fault. Do not let me point my finger; I need it for other things. Like tucking your hair behind your ear. Like caressing your cheek. Like beckoning you, “Come closer, I’m in pain. Come closer.” Let me yell. Let me scream. Let me act out the […]

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