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Drawn Together
Uplifting Comics on the Curious Journey Through Life and Love
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Praise for Drawn Together

"Wise and sweet, charming reminders to our good hearts."

Jack Kornfield
Author, After the Ecstasy, the Laundry

"Leah's little book is thoughtful, whimsical and dear."

Byron Katie
Author, Loving What Is

"This wise, charming book has precious mojo: it will lighten and brighten your heart!"

Tara Brach
Author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

"Deep wisdom and human companionship sometimes come in simple, delightful packages, as Leah Pearlman's Drawn Together demonstrates. This little book will light up your heart, and bring joy to anyone you share it with."

Sharon Salzberg
Author of Loving Kindness and Real Happiness

"Drawn Together is a magnificent invitation and roadmap to get in touch with what really matters in life. Leah Pearlman illuminates the path to clarity with her enthralling, profound and often hilarious collection of visual stories that teach us about the most important elements of a life well lived, one filled with laughter and love."

Daniel J. Siegel, MD
New York Times bestselling author of Brainstorm, Executive Director, Mindsight Institute

"What delights me most about Leah's work is the way she so skillfully combines wisdom, insight and playfulness. A freshness and immediacy permeates her drawing and her text that is obviously garnered from personal experience. This is no replay of The Old Masters. I can almost smell the hard-won clarity of the Zendo percolating off her pages. Reading her words and apprehending her drawings a second or third time brings new understanding and insight. I have never come across anything that is quite so illuminating, and at the same time, so playful. And when we play, we learn."

Hugh Milne
Author, The Heart of Listening: A Visionary Approach to Craniosacral Work

"Drawn Together offers profound wisdom in a delightfully playful way. I'm a huge fan of Leah’s comics. They never fail to uplift and inspire!"

Lori Deschene
Founder of & Author of Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges
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