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By Leah Pearlman, October 9, 2013

your are not alone_web

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13 thoughts on “YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

  1. AuthorÕs gravatar

    Beloved Leah,
    I love the music you dance to in your life and look forward to listening to more of it.
    Kindest and loving greetings,

  2. AuthorÕs gravatar

    Is a print of this available for purchase?

  3. AuthorÕs gravatar

    You have no idea how much I needed to hear this today…I cried out last night to my angels and my husband’s spirit for help to survive these dark days…thank you for this Leah…you have saved a soul today.

    • AuthorÕs gravatar

      susan – it’s my privilege and my honor. i’m so so glad this poem found you.

  4. AuthorÕs gravatar

    Hey danny. yay. i just posted this here, if you want to order it:

    also – you’re more than welcome to print or get it printed yourself.

  5. AuthorÕs gravatar

    I couldn’t believe how timely this was for me. I am going through one of the hardest things I have faced in my life, often feeling abandoned and uncared for. But I know I will keep on going and, most of all, break away from old ideas of myself. Thank you for affirming that I am not alone.

    • AuthorÕs gravatar

      Ahhhhhh, thank- you.

      It is good to be reminded that it is not just about me….

  6. AuthorÕs gravatar

    Thank you so much for this one. So dark here lately for me and you lifted my soul today.. thank you..

  7. AuthorÕs gravatar

    Wow, this was so excellent. So, full of light and truth. I’ll have to direct others to this poem when I get to the other side.


    • AuthorÕs gravatar

      As coincidence may have it, I wrote this for another Alisha…

  8. AuthorÕs gravatar

    Leah, This is amazing. Thank you! Really moving and helpful.

    • AuthorÕs gravatar

      i’m so glad! you’re most welcome, krishan.

  9. AuthorÕs gravatar

    Love it!

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